I propose a Xur for Eververse

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moncler jackets on sale 28 points submitted 4 days agoThis is gonna sound weird, but I love seasons and the fact that it a new season soon means the hardcore armour cheap moncler sale collector that resides in me can get new stuff every season. However.I been thinking about how Hearthstone (HS) does it “years” and how the newest year has removed all the older sets and brought about the new rotation of expansions. Whilst D2 is no card moncler online store game maybe something we could learn from HS is how it handles Wild. The format where everything is in play from all years and all sets.D2 suffers from loot fatigue and while us getting the same item over and over isn great, I think being able to acquire old sets of Eververse armour is a good thing. I think the problem is how to do so while not being confusing, this means NOT making a separate page or a new engram. I propose a Xur for Eververse. Who we can find in the hanger, or in the universe, and is willing to undercut Tess for a profit. This “Evr” (as I call it, A Fallen perhaps?) sells for a limited time every week offering various old goods from the Eververse store that it found “lying moncler usa around in storage” while claiming “why waste good armour if Guardians want it”. Maybe a silly idea but it means offering things to a player that would just be wasted otherwise.Kylestien 2 points submitted 23 days agoI been on cheap moncler jackets and off again with this game and have not really mastered it like some, so here my thoughts and advice:The “Point” of KoL moncler sale outlet is simple: Play content, laugh at jokes, have fun. Your objective in a playthrough, be it moncler outlet normal or a different path, is generally to do the main council quests. If you get stuck doing that, I highly recommenced taking a look at the KoL wiki (Assuming you do not mind spoilers) It been pretty handy whenever you need to look for how to do something.Youtube does not have much good content for this game due to the nature of it being text based. However, again if you are looking for good tips and how to not get stuck, the wiki is easy to use and understand.Kylestien 5 points submitted 26 days ago(Ok, disclaimer before I make my suggestions: I not yet played War. I have no idea if these ideas would break the game, or Cheap Moncler Jackets better or worse the game. Hence why the thread is meant to focus on YOUR suggestions and this is in it own post.)Ok, so first of all, all of my suggestions basically revolve about increasing your power and the power fantasy of the game. That mainly because I like power. So, I don see it containing many quality of life things and I can see some disagreement. Nonetheless, I would like to hear your thoughts.Ability to moncler womens jackets pick all the nodes of a skill, and to choose which ones are on at a given time: So, moncler outlet prices I given to understand that there are 3 upgrades nodes for each skill, but you can only pick one for a skill. That is fine, but cheap moncler jackets mens personally, I like the option to unlock all 3 at once. As well as the option to choose if 1 of them, 2 of them, or all 3 are on at any given https://www.kinkhost.com time, for those who prefer cheap moncler jackets womens it only being one at a time or only want to be a bit more powerful so pick 2.Something akin to badass rank on BL2 or Diablo 3: Ok hear me out on this one because this one might take a bit of explaining. In those games, there is a stat option that you can level up on doing various things and the like, that can carry over between playthroughs moncler sale or DLC, or can be turned on and discount moncler jackets off at will. These affect all sorts of stats, but moncler outlet online for War I was thinking there could be 2 of them: one that affects your moncler outlet woodbury character, and one that affects the Nemesis system.Character ones can best moncler jackets have all sorts of stats such as status effect chances, branding power, health regen, main stats like health or stealth, basically any effect currently in game that applies to the player.Meanwhile, Nemesis system one affects things like chance of followers betraying you, chance a follower moncler outlet sale will return from death, power gain of nemesis, basically it a way to customize the system that is easier to use then Mordor nemesis forge, as well as a way to empower or weaken your army, or empower or weaken your foes.I can see some arguments against this. but I want you to keep in mind that you can change appropriate stats, or turn it off, at any point. As well as having just one or the other between character and nemesis system on should you just want one.Pay Mirian to unlock/change gear cheap moncler coats mens challenges: I hear that Monolith want to give people more uses for Mirian what with the market shutting down. Meanwhile, some challenges can be annoying to accomplish for gear and the like. The option to moncler outlet store use Mirian to beat, or uk moncler sale alternatively change to a easier one, gear challenges for a slightly steep mirian price might be handy.1.) Even if Ungoliant had shapeshifting power (and we have no hint of that) and Shelob did inherit these powers (which is also not given), Shelob would have lost these powers longf ago by eating moncler sale online and procreating. The spiders of Mirkwood are her decendants.2.) Her characterisation in game completely contradicts the book. In the book Shelob does not care about the fate of Middle earth at all and is only interested in eating as much as possible nor is she Sauron jilted ex girlfriend:Little she uk moncler outlet knew of or cared for towers, or rings, or anything devised by mind moncler uk outlet or hand, who only desired death for all others, mind and body, and for herself a glut of life, alone, swollen till the mountains could no longer hold her up and the darkness could not contain her moncler jackets on sale.


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