Both of these guys hunt and buy used TB but they also Canada

Do men really wear the clothes we see on the canada goose uk shop catwalk

Runway clothes are a mix of things, big names use them obviously to canada goose outlet parka show off new Canada Goose online lines canada goose clearance or new concepts that will be broken official canada goose outlet down and featured in future Canada Goose sale lines. Other designers use them as a sort of conceptual art show that stems canada goose black friday sale from the modern art movement of the canada goose late sixties and seventies. This canada goose outlet new york city head dress isn meant to be worn and most likely Canada Goose Online isn for sale at all. It fashion as art not fashion as a consumer product.To canada goose outlet shop me this appears quite heavy handed and simplistic I think the designer was trying to make canada goose outlet reviews a commentary on the contemporary American equality movement being canada goose canada goose coats black friday sale more of a fashion trend. Something commercialized to be worn and outwardly displayed to canada goose outlet your peers with little to no Canada Goose Coats On Sale effort on the part of the wearer besides putting on a shirt or wearing a hat. The reason it on a uk canada goose headdress is cheap Canada Goose to represent the blatant racism blindly used in the movement.Men fashion shows are mostly presenting product although some of the more outlandish pieces by some brands never get bought by stores, are in small stock or for private sale only. They might serve to carry across the themes, buy canada goose jacket cheap ideas and concepts that goose outlet canada the collection is proposing. Sometimes the fabric/print/cut/idea buy canada goose jacket gets repurposed into canada goose clearance sale other, more canada goose factory sale commercial items of clothing. If it were yes, than the title would say so.I uk canada goose outlet suppose that a corollary would be “Do men really wear the clothes they see in a magazine/catalog?” canada goose outlet online Someone probably wouldn wear the exact outfit, that is match the articles of clothing to the tee, but they would use it as a reference for how to wear those pieces (if the magazine or catalog has done its job), or ones similar. Runway shows work in a similar, if more extreme manner: they expand one style/fashion vocabulary.As for “do men really wear the clothes we see on the catwalk”, I have first hand experience with a couple canada goose outlet store people who love TB runway stuff. One is a collector who will buy up anything cool he can find no matter what size it is in and the other canada goose uk black friday is a collector but only buys his size canada goose outlet online uk so he can wear it out in public.The one that collects and canada goose wears Thom Browne is a friend I met through the TB Buy/Sell/Trade group I moderate. He is in tech living in NYC.Both of these guys hunt and buy used TB but they also Canada Goose Parka buy stuff retail as well. You don canada goose outlet canada see it pop up in MFA often, but that because canada goose coats on sale it the most cost conscious and youngest Canada Goose Outlet fashion forum I know) doesn mean people aren wearing this luxury clothing. Often, and this makes sense, canada goose outlet store uk it gonna get bought up by rich people or given to connected people and celebrities or the brand best customers.Head to Fashion Week in big cities and you see plenty of people in actual runway shit. Or canada goose uk outlet just head to high end canada goose outlet black friday boutiques, especially their flagship stores, or department stores like Barney or Saks. canada goose outlet uk You find plenty of it there among non runway clothing. I remember going to the Chanel boutique in Dallas and seeing pretty much the whole pre season collection there.This kind of trend leading was certainly the case with Parisian couture in the post war years with the major houses Dior, Chanel, etc defining a season shape and hemline that dressmakers cheap canada goose uk would copy for the rest of the season. Runway stuff responds to trends as much as it canada goose jacket outlet can inspire them with the canada goose outlet in usa propositions on offer. It more like modern art. Normal people see shit on canvas canada goose factory outlet and canada goose outlet uk sale think “That not art, that just shit on canvas.” Fashion shows like these are the modern art equivalent in the fashion world. Nobody is really going to wear it, or canada goose outlet sale look at it and think it cool, unless they already canada goose store up their own ass, and heavily invested in these sorts of fashion canada goose outlet toronto factory circles. It more about making something different, than fashion by a normal person standards. People don know what contemporary art is. When people hear “modern art” they take it in the literal sense of the phrase, and not what the art world uses to canadian goose jacket describe art from a specific time frame. People hear “modern” and they tend to think”modern,” rather than “era that ended like 40 years ago.” Probably could have left out my opinions, and I guess it a bit of an oversimplification on canada goose outlet nyc the part of high fashion could been a bit clearer canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet jackets on that one. But I more familiar with art history, anyway.


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