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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Name is derived from some old writings, stating that the village was notorious of having cannibals in it.

As a rational person I leaning towards the canadian goose jacket wildlife explanation, canada goose outlet jackets or uk canada goose something unpredictable happening canada goose uk black friday as in falling official canada goose outlet into an old cheap Canada Goose cellar or cave, because this area was heavily populated canada goose coats on sale long time ago, during early feudal canada goose outlet new york city age. Anyway, the interesting thing is, the corpses were never found, but there was one man, named Walter Fischer he was deemed missing in 1939 canada goose black friday sale canada goose clearance on his way back home from fabric. He was later found unconscious burnt and cut. Funny thing is, that he was found canada goose outlet online uk 35kilometres Canada Goose Outlet south after I canada goose outlet uk sale believe 3 or 4 months in a field at Zlat Moravce. Was treated in sanatory in ilina for a Canada Goose Parka few years, but he never recovered from the mental trauma aquired while missing. canada goose clearance sale It is really strange. There is also one interesting case of person missing there

The case of a man in a luxury BMW with some possible connections in mafia his car was found canada goose black friday sale after some people reported seeing his car abandoned at road. Later canada goose factory sale on it was found out that police came only like half hour hour later after he stopped his car and disappeared. Case was put on cold. The strange thing about this case is, there was around million of slovak crowns found in his car (around 300k euros at that time, really big sum 20 years ago) car was turned on, autoradio was playing. Also there were no signs canada goose outlet picframer in usa of blood, or something indicating a fight found in or near the car. The man just disappered.

Anyway, perhaps there is a possibility of some cannibal family/something Canada Goose Coats On Sale going canada goose uk shop canada cheap canada goose uk goose outlet parka on, but that seems too wild of a fantasy to be true for me. If there really was a family raised for generations as cannibals, I think people could and would found out. Villages here in canada goose outlet store uk Slovakia are notorious because people are very close in them, and canada goose I think that newcomers in those areas would certainly notice something strange is going on. But, yeah it really could be easy explanation, all in all if corpse of someone was never found, he could been eaten and his bones could been ground as a fertilizer. You could never certainly know.

There are lot of articles about Trbe and this phenomenon, but most of them are just re writings of old article wrote by some Czech buy canada goose jacket cheap man in early 2000 There is also one book named Canada Goose Jackets “Trhlina” (Rupture) by Jozef Karika, but canada goose jacket outlet that beletry supposedly based canada goose outlet nyc on real story by some guy, so it is really hard to recognize what in this story is really real and what is just added there to build up the creepy canada goose outlet sale factor in the book. It not canada goose outlet shop really steep or something, but yeah, there are lots of sinkholes and goose outlet canada natural caves, canada goose coats and buildings abandoned from canada goose outlet black friday Austro Hungarian times, canada goose outlet store so it is possible falling into one buy canada goose jacket if you stray from the tourist routes. I don really know anything about what wildlife actually lives in these mountains, but I would be certain that you can find some canada goose outlet toronto factory wolves there, maybe a bear or two.

But, overally, this sounds like most logical and plausible explanation of the whole mystery. Still, it is quite weird. canada goose outlet canada There canada goose outlet reviews is the skogsr, a woman thing with a hollowed out back who lures men into the woods. There canada goose uk outlet canada goose outlet online are trolls which exchange Canada Goose sale human babies with their own babies. There is the canada goose factory outlet myrling, which is the ghost of an unchristened child. There canada goose outlet uk are lvor that dance in the mist and create disease. There are canada goose outlet vttar which punish those who disturb them through sickness uk canada goose outlet and “accidents”, and they can distort the vision of their victims, causing them to see things that aren there. Cheap canada goose outlet Just to name a few.

I sure many of these have their equivalents in other countries as well. A time Canada Goose Online when you needed literally every member of the family canada goose store to pull their weight in order to keep everyone alive.


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