Not going to lie, it works great on super altruistic teams

Toma1997 u

3 points canada goose jacket outlet submitted 1 month agoSince I have your ear (I’ve asked this a few times now in one facet or another without a reply): M increases the TR when in a canada goose outlet in usa chase, so isn’t this perk counterintuitive for him, specifically if you lose canada goose store a official canada goose outlet survivor? Or does canada goose outlet canada the canada goose coats TR decrease “in the nick of time”?Also, I’ve been canada goose outlet nyc wanting to test canada goose outlet uk out this build, but haven’t had a Freddy main (or at least someone like yourself who’s skilled at him) confirm whether this is a legit build: Remember Me Blood Warden NOED BBQThe idea is to play for the endgame, with BBQ supplementing the first part (before all gens are done). Thoughts?The Canada Goose online build looks strong, I personally don’t like to run Remember Me and Blood Warden uk canada goose outlet at the same canada goose uk black friday time, they might counter act each other since it may make canada goose outlet store uk you wait a while to get the Blood Warden Canada Goose Jackets hook. (that’s my opinion so I would say test it if you want)I really like Remember Me, it makes me almost feel ok with being canada goose outlet sale DS’d since I’m getting more stacks in the Canada Goose Coats On Sale long run. Planning canada goose outlet store to get Dying Light for Freddy just so I can tunnel down the obsession more.Meanwhile NOED is buy canada goose jacket cheap just a nice choice, no problem with it imo. Blood Warden works great with BBQ for the end game, canada goose outlet reviews also seeing the canada goose uk shop survivors realise the spikes are up is pretty funny to see. And NOED is perfect for adding fear to that situation. It looks like a good endgame build though.BBQ is a must have on any killer in any situation, more bloodpoints is always a good thing. Plus the aura reading ability canada goose clearance sale is perfect.Toma1997 1 point submitted 1 month agoIn my canada goose honest opinion, and throughout my time playing the game, Admittedly I pretty much only play canada goose outlet killers, I think slugging survivors is fine. I’ve goose outlet canada only slugged for a reason, the reason being to maximise my potential to get a 4K. I’ll slug in certain occasions canada goose outlet black friday like:There are 2 survivors left, I’ve knocked one down and I know that the last survivor is in eyesight cheap canada goose uk or if I know their location. This stops things like the hatch opening or stops a survivor from opening the gate while I chase the other. This scenario doesn’t Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet jackets come along often but it works if you really want the Canada Goose sale 4K.If I know that a survivor has a flashlight I’ll slug a canada goose outlet uk sale survivor to lure the flashlight player close and I’ll look for them. If I don’t find them, I’ll uk canada goose pick the downed player up assuming there’s no flashlight nearby, if I get blinded, my fault, I didn’t look hard enough.If I know the canada goose outlet new york city canada goose outlet vancouver survivor canada goose black friday sale will have DS available, canada goose outlet parka very rarely I’ll do this but on some days where I can’t be bothered with DS I’ll just leave them. And again, lure their teammates closer to me. Not going to lie, it works great on super altruistic teams.I find slugging to be a good endgame strategy, and in no way taking the game hostage as the game is still moving and has a definite end no matter what.A killer taking the game hostage would be body blocking the basement when there are multiple survivors in there. As that stops the game cheap Canada Goose dead.Toma1997 1 point submitted 2 months agoNot much skill in pressing 1 button for DS or not much skill for wiggling. Really hitting a stalemate there. Meanwhile there is Canada Goose Online a bit of skill in timing when to trigger level 3 with Myers at the right time to down the most people.Yeah Canada Goose Outlet killers can canadian goose jacket tunnel. After getting pallet looped for an extra few minutes after a DS which by canada goose outlet online uk the end another 2 gens will be done.If NOED gets activated in a canada goose coats on sale canada goose outlet shop game. It’s really canada goose clearance a you problem. No point in blaming randoms if you yourself cannot find the right totem as well as buy canada goose jacket them. Can’t find the totem, face the perk. But whenever I’m using it it’ll more than canada goose uk outlet likely canada goose black friday sale be taken away before it comes into play.VelvetNightFoxLet the salt canada goose factory sale flow 3 points submitted 2 months agoActually DS can appear canada goose factory outlet anywhere on the circle. Which means at 4 which can throw off a lot of people. Then if the canada goose outlet toronto factory killers rapid spins around, the movement of that on your screen while also trying to hit a skillcheck won usually end well.It not a me problem. I can be expected to scour a map like: Swamp, Lerys or the Game and do gens when randoms are just dying left and right. Otherwise I won even have the hatch option due to how bad they were.Not everyone who tunnels tunnels canada goose outlet online because someone had DS. They tunnel anyone they please and nothing can be done for it.


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