They also hold many seats in Arabia Islamic Corporate

Shadows cheap Canada Goose of Cairo

Sitting at 22 million residents, it makes Manhattan look like a ghost town. Desperate refugees rub shoulders with the fabulously wealthy in the souk where the buy canada goose jacket newest fashions from London and Paris Canada Goose Coats On Sale are goose outlet canada on display, right next to the aromas of the spice merchant shop and the guy trying to sell you a totally not fake Rolex for a very good price 2018 canada goose he practically giving canada goose outlet jackets it away! Enjoy lunch at a French cafe, then go next door to a hookah lounge to watch the ever flowing crowds from around the uk canada goose outlet official canada goose outlet world.

Cairo is the administrative capital canada goose outlet store of Egypt, and that canada goose jacket outlet naturally means shadowbiz abounds. Other canada goose factory sale than the governmental stuff, Cairo is also home to centuries old mosques and churches, and millenia old pyramids tombs. Graverobbers have a long canada goose black friday sale history here, which suggests Tamanous may have a foothold in the slums. canada goose store with so many people, it easy to go missing down an alley here, chummers.

So, what corps and cartels have a foothold in Cairo? What sort of jobs can runners pick up in the shadows of the pyramids?I not sure what a Scarab Insect Shaman is like, but I bet Cairo is a place to find out.

Seems like every 18 months or so, there some Awakened asshole claiming to be the reincarnation of canada goose outlet toronto factory some pharaoh or another. They come and go canada goose outlet online and are quickly forgotten or rubbed out by the Islamic League. You canada goose uk black friday ain considered a serious runner in buy canada goose jacket cheap Egypt until you bagged a “Sham ses”.

Tourism. Maybe some rich weirdness want canada goose coats some heavy protection as they see the sights. Maybe they canada goose outlet nyc actually need it. Can your crew keep this moron alive? Did I mention that his parents canada goose outlet online uk are rich, and he sensitive and will freak out of you canada goose outlet sale Canada Goose Parka get violent in front of him?Expect some significant influence from one of the local players: Global Sandstorm. They are the largest Arabian based corp and hold a AA standing. Global Sandstorm is canada canada goose coats on sale goose outlet parka result of a merger between Sandstorm Engineering Canada Goose online and Global Oil in canada goose outlet uk 64 GS quickly bought out several major Middle Eastern corporations including Arabian Future Industries and Integrated Dynamics (A drone manufacturer).

They canada goose outlet black friday pretty much dominates the Middle Eastern oil game and specializes in petrochemicals and Construction. canada goose outlet shop putting Canada Goose Online them in direct competition with. Politically they maintain agreements with almost all the major players in Nigeria, securing them the extremely profitable Lagos canada goose uk outlet oil pipeline. They also hold many seats in Arabia Islamic Corporate Coordination Board, giving them significant clout there.

I have collected all the information regarding Global Sandstorm from the Shadows of Asia and System Failure books. If canada goose outlet new york city anyone else is interested in fleshing them out or just has an idea of something to add canada goose outlet store uk shoot me a pm. I will make a thread of it sometime over the weekend, canada goose factory outlet I don uk canada goose want to keep posting stuff on this thread because its supposed to be about Cairo.

(EEEEDDDIIIIT) I still taking suggestions, also here is a thread for the initial weapons canada goose outlet uk sale catalog, so I not distracting too much from canada goose outlet this Canada Goose Jackets one.

Built to prove that the Ares Monosword is not the only “one” the canadian goose jacket Damascus proves to be better balanced and has better canada goose armor piercing capabilities at the cost of canada goose black friday sale raw damage. The Damascus uses its namesakes technique to create a sturdier blade, imparting a canada goose clearance +4 armor bonus to the blade against shattering.

I am still working canada goose clearance sale on stats for the “Beduin” trench gun and the “Locust” machine gun. canada goose outlet canada As Canada Goose Outlet well as a Global Sandstorm Dune Buggy, though I don have a catchy canada goose canada goose uk shop outlet in usa name for it or a specialty in mind, other than maybe making it compact and durable.

(Edit) I made a new thread with all of the canada goose outlet cheap canada goose uk reviews weapons stated, feel Canada Goose sale free to take a look and add your two cents!Hey let tie it all together.


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